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Construction Update for the Month of Nov 2018

Construction Update: Academic Core Buildings:  Significant progress is being made with all 3 buildings to include interior walls, drywall and preparations for painting, mechanical, electrical & plumbing preparations and fire proofing. Progress continues to be made with the Central Utilities

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February 4, 2015 Update

Please note that our builder/ contractor partner, Sundt Construction, will demo a portion of concrete pathway/fountains in front of Building #1 / Fremont campus this Friday, 2/6/15, from 7am-10am. This activity will be noisy, but is necessary in order to

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January 15, 2015 Update

The Academic Core construction site was secured.¬† Buildings 1, 2 and 8 are now inaccessible to all non-authorized personnel. The mail room was moved to FP 29.¬† However, it will not be ready for “prime time” use until Tuesday morning,

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