Construction Update for the Month of Nov 2018

Construction Update: Academic Core Buildings:  Significant progress is being made with all 3 buildings to include interior walls, drywall and preparations for painting, mechanical, electrical & plumbing preparations and fire proofing. Progress continues to be made with the Central Utilities Plant in building 1, including connections with the Geothermal loop. The exterior shrink-wrap and scaffolding is being removed on building 3. Work is completed with the exterior finishes and exterior glazing Northeast side of the building. Work also continues with the exterior skin framing in selected locations with both exterior plaster and window wall systems in Buildings 1 and 2. Preparations have been initiated and continue for the installation of the building elevator installations in buildings 2 and 3.  Major sections of the exterior site work is in progress to include concrete paving in several sections and preparations for site utility preparations.



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