Construction Updates for the Month of February 2018


    • Progress continues to be made with the Academic Core project. Work is progressing well with all 3 buildings to include interior wall framing, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing preparations and fire proofing.
    • Drywall is being installed in selected areas of all three buildings. Scaffolding is being installed in building 2 in preparation for the final phase of Shrink Wrapping. Buildings 1 and 3 are now 95% Shrink wrapped and building 2 is 75%. The plan is to have all buildings Shrink Wrapped by mid-March. Work is progressing with the large lecture hall in building 1 with framing and installation of the roof.
    • The Design Development plans have been completed for the North Parking project. Work will now continue into the Construction Document phase.
    • Building 5 Renovation: The Architects are now proceeding into the Construction Document phase. A Preliminary Cost Estimate for the project has been developed for review and approval by the college.
    • Newark Security Upgrade: Plans for the project are at the 90% construction document phase.  Bid documents are now being prepared for possible bid opening in March.
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