Construction Update for the Month of January 2018

Progress continues to be made with the Academic Core project. Work is progressing well with all 3 buildings to include interior wall framing, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing preparations and fire proofing. Drywall installation is in progress in parts of building 1 and 3.  Exterior Scaffolding has now been completed installed in Building 1 and 3.

The Design Development plans have been completed for the North Parking project. Work will now continue into the Construction Document phase.

Building 5 Renovation: The Architects are now proceeding into the Construction Document phase. A Preliminary Cost Estimate for the project has been developed for review and approval by the college.

Hyman Hall Renovation: A final program document has been submitted to the college for its review and approval.  After the approval of the final program and budget, the Architects will continue with the next stage of the design phase.

Newark Security Upgrade: Plans for the project are at the 80% construction document phase.


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