Construction update for the month of November 2017

Progress continues to be made with the Academic Core project. Backfill around the buildings is in progress.  Exterior Scaffolding has been installed in Building 1 and continues with Buildings 2 and 3. Plans are underway to Shrink Wrap the buildings to prepare for the upcoming Winter season.

The Design Development plans have been completed for the North Parking project. Work will now continue into the Design Development phase.

Building 5 Renovation: The Architects are now proceeding into the Schematic Design phase. A meeting has been scheduled to review the proposed Interior Finishes and Furniture Plans.

Hyman Hall Renovation: Preliminary floor layout plans have been presented & reviewed by the project end-user groups. Feedback and comments were noted and a follow up Final Program Presentation has been scheduled December 14.

Newark Security Upgrade: Plans for the project are at the 80% construction document phase.  Modifications are being made to adjust the project scope and budget.


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